About Me and My Stuff

Welcome to my Awesome Blog of Awesomeness! I’m Kate, a married mother of two in Falls Church, Virginia, which is a suburb of Washington, D.C. I’m a writer, a knitter, a federal employee, and a cat lover. I’ve created this lovely blog so I can spew whatever’s on my mind; expect lots of book reviews, deep thoughts, and mindless trivia. You can also read some of my work at Geek Speak Magazine (if science fiction/fantasy/horror are your jam) or Heroes and Heartbreakers (if romance is more your thing).

A few of the people you’ll meet in these pages:

The Handsome Husband. Self-Explanatory. He’s my husband; he’s also smart, funny, and creative. And handsome. Did I mention handsome? He is also a federal employee. Disparage his work ethic — or mine, for that matter — at your peril.

Mini-Me. Our daughter. She is 35 years younger than I am. She loves the Green Bay Packers and wants to be an astronomer when she grows up. She’s awesome.

Hoot. Our son. Hoot is two years younger than Mini-Me. His career plan is to play in either the NBA or the NFL. He’s leaning toward the NBA, where he’ll play with his best friend, S; together, he and S form The Rock-‘Em/Sock-‘Em Connection. During the off-season, he wants to work on his doctorate in architectural engineering. That’s the plan, anyway. He is also awesome.

The Thundering Herd. Our cats. There are four of them. They include The Old Man, Trippity-Boo, Nut, and The Urinator. You can pretty much guess where that last one came from.


Visit often, and tell your friends!


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