This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Greetings, Blog-Friends!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This year, I’m going to do better. In fact, my New Year’s resolution is simple: Write every day. Of course, here we are a week in and I’ve already broken my resolution. Why? Read on.

So, the year is kind of off to a rough start. We visited my mom in Kansas, like we usually do. Mom’s downsizing a bit, so she gave me some old Waterford goblets — eight gorgeous wine glasses in jewel tones:

Waterford Clarendon Goblets

My beautiful glasses looked like these.

These gorgeous goblets, in addition to having certain sentimental value — my parents used to gift one another with them at Christmas — were a favorite at family gatherings:

Nagy Sisters

We’re not as think as you drunk we are.

I packed the goblets up and shipped them off to Virginia and kind of forgot about them for the rest of our trip, which was great right up until we got to the airport. We were flying through Chicago O’Hare (NEVER AGAIN), but our flight was delayed out of Kansas City, so we missed our connecting flight but almost immediately got stuck on another flight home.

Wah, wah, wah, I hear you cry. That sounds like the sad holiday story of, oh, about twenty million other people. You probably won’t even feel more than a mild twinge of pity for me when I mention that our luggage didn’t come along with us, kind of like, wah wah wah, maybe fifteen million other people.

BUTBUTBUT!!! My cell phone charger was in the pocket of my suitcase. I was UNTETHERED. HALP! (Also, we didn’t have Hoot’s favorite blanket, Mini-Me’s lucky Green Bay Packers jersey, any of my husband’s belongings, or a very nice bottle of wine that my niece gave to me for Christmas. I just mention all this in passing. To quote the great Wilkie Collins: Youths! I invoke your sympathy. Maidens! I claim your tears.)

Three to six hours, the nice lady at the American Airlines Baggage Office said (and HELL YES I’M CALLING YOU OUT, AA). Unless, she mentioned, it got too late. Then it might arrive at our doorstep on Sunday morning.

Good enough, we said.

Do I even need to tell you that by the time Monday rolled around, there was no luggage?

I got a pick-me-up, though: My wine glasses arrived. Yay!!!

I think you can guess where this is going.

Spoiler: Nowhere good.

Eight beautiful wineglasses. ONE arrived intact. One has a broken foot; three were snapped at the stem. The rest were shattered beyond repair.

Monday night was not a good night, y’all.

But, hey, our luggage was sure to arrive on Tuesday, right? Because I totally called American Airlines and they said “Oh, we’re so sorry, the baggage delivery company is behind because of the bad weather.” And I was like “Oh, you mean the sunshine? Because the sun is shining in Falls Church right now.” And they replied “…”.

So then it SNOWED on Tuesday. I kind of figured that if the delivery drivers can’t drive in the sunlight, they probably can’t drive in the snow either (or maybe they can ONLY drive in the snow…but, no, this is Washington, D.C. No one can drive in the snow here). Fortunately, in my closet I have a big tub of nice warm sweaters, sealed against the incursion of the dread House Moth, against whom I went to war this fall in Operation Death To All Vermin:

I said ALL vermin.

My moth-ridden belongings.

The unmistakeable scent of naphthalene moth balls may cling to those sweaters, but that’s okay because there are no moths eating them, right?

One would think so, but when I opened that tub of naphthalene-scented sweaters, the first thing I saw was a live moth. Well, he was alive at the time. I will spare your delicate sensibilities further detail. I will note that when I shook out my chosen sweater before putting it on, a live cricket jumped out.

So, to recap, my cell phone is dead, my family’s luggage is driving around Metro D.C. doing God only knows what, my Waterford Goblets are in shards, there’s ice on the roads, and my closet is evidently full of wildlife. Drinking a glass of wine and taking to my bed with the covers over my head has seemed like a reasonable option these past few nights. Hence, little work is getting done.

But I’m back. That has to count for something, right?

(Addendum: Most of our luggage arrived at around 11 Tuesday night — 72 hours after we arrived. Husband still doesn’t have his at this writing.)

(One more Addendum: Husband finally got his suitcase at around 6 p.m. Wednesday, fully 4 days after we arrived home. Ladies and gentlemen…American Airlines.)


2 thoughts on “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

  1. Oh Kate! What a terrible horrible no good very bad string of events! Those goblets are (were) indeed lovely. Insurance on the package I hope? So very glad you are BOB (Back On Blog). Really enjoy your writing,
    Looking forward ~ Estes!

    • Minimal insurance, because they were packed SO WELL, and what was the worst that could happen, given my Mad Packin Skillz? In Estes, the family will need to give me my wine in a sippy cup. And I’m sure I’ll contrive to find a way to break that, too.

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